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Ok, so I tried this once before with the Xbox Game Pass version on Series X. However, I was converting the SDR capture to HDR. It didn’t work. I wasn’t satisfied with the result, so I bought Persona 5 Royal on PlayStation 5… AGAIN (2nd time buying P5R. First time was on PS4 Pro. I also bought the original Persona 5 for PlayStation 4…) so I could get native HDR output for this let’s play series. Back to the description from the original video:

The gorgeous game is a sight to behold on a 4K TV or monitor ESPECIALLY if you have HDR! So if you have a new LG OLED or a Samsung QD-OLED, this will really show off what your TV can do!

In P5R (Persona 5 Royal) you’ll meet a group of high school teens embarking on a quest that offers some really heavy (emotionally) situations that would surprise you, being a game focused on teens.

Specifically there is some concepts dealing with trauma, potentially PTSD related issues that hit home for me. If a video game could ever open your mind to concepts long eluding, P5R is it. In addition the the stylish, colorful 4K visuals, the soundtrack is… it’s something else. It’s not my style, but damn if I don’t randomly have one of the many original or new songs pop into my head.

Overall, I love this game. My channel may never become anything. I may never get monetized. Hell, if I do, I’ll probably get copyright claimed for what I’m setting out to do on this channel – capture and provide the entire 150+ hours of game play of Persona 5 Royal in glorious 4K HDR.

I look forward to looking back on this, with a smile, in the future.