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PlayStation 5 Disc Console Giveaway

Before you go, you should read this important notice

If, by some long shot, the greydaygamers channel reaches 1k subs OR 4k view hours prior to the March 1, 2023 end date, a notice will go out on Twitter as well as on YouTube announcing the early end of the contest. 72 hours after those notices are sent, a winner will be randomly drawn and the PS5 will be shipped 2 day ground to the winner. (If contest runs through March 1st, the shipping will be via a more affordable, still insurable option.)


  • NO BOTS!!

  • Don’t subscribe unless you plan on watching at least a LITTLE

  • All feedback IS WELCOMED

  • Visit the Community tab on Grey Day Gamers’ YouTube channel and vote on active polls (only genuine answers, please

A better look at what you DO care about...

More bullshit nobody cares about (but someone will humor me...)

In short, this is all a big, costly experiment (for me, I’m by no means a wealthy man) with the end goal being the creation of a community for fringe gamers that may not identify with the majority of other gaming content creators. I’d like to help bring out some more reserved gamers by means of inclusion – I’d like to stream with viewers (damned be the win total… or maybe you could carry?), create videos focusing on requested content, all while maintaining the best visual quality afforded by YouTube’s compression.