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Quality without compromise – this is the goal of all content from our Grey Day Gamers YouTube Channel. Sure, some of the ideas we’re bound to come up with may be dumb, but the visual quality will be guaranteed to make your smartphone, tablet or HDR enabled TV POP!


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Why We're doing this...

On September 28, 2022 in Fort Myers, FL, two grown-ass men played video games on a ‘day off’ as they waited for Hurricane Ian to skirt past them on its way to the Tampa Bay area.

“Dude. I think we’re going to get lucky with this one,” I stated as I spat in the face of our now tempted fate.

Our area did NOT get lucky with Hurricane Ian. It was bad, and both of my parents were in an area predicted to get 15+ feet of storm surge.

Hours were spent waiting out the storm. No cell service, no electricity, no way of making sure my parents weren’t drowning…

Just a lot of time to think…

How would I take over the family video production business? Would I want to? Why do I NEVER pursue the things I want to do?

After all loved ones were accounted for, all there was left to do was wait for electricity and think…

…about ideas for our new HDR gaming channel, Grey Day Gamers.

Why Watch Grey Day Gaming

Because we’re giving away a PlayStation 5 Disc Console…

Also, because we deal with the issues regarding HDR on YouTube to deliver the highest quality gameplay videos possible on the platform. Visual quality is paramount and what separates our videos from other gaming videos on YouTube.

We Have Real Jobs

We aren’t trying to make ends meet with our channel. This is a hobby we hope to grow into a little bit more. The only way to do that is to keep you HAPPY and PART OF THE CHANNEL!

No Ads on Videos

‘Cause the channel is new. If/When we do get monitized, we will not allow ads to be overly annoying. Believe it or not, content creators have a bit of control over ads – we will be reasonable with the options we choose.

Lots of Uploads

As the experimentation stage draws to a close, less time will be spent on getting the BEST VISUAL QUALITY on YouTube and more time on content: game reviews, game opinions and more game walkthroughs.

Is Mobile gaming ACTUALLY GAMING?

Is "Crossing Swords" with a buddy at camp?

Your mom plays Wordle, is SHE a gamer?

Is playing chess against your uncle Frank?

What about Tic-Tac-Toe? Retro gaming...?

No. You’re simply passing time between responses from Tinder while wasting endless money on a shallow, game-like experience

Except for that mobile game YOU play. That one is legit.

What People are Saying

Aw, honey… you’re a 40 year old man with a video game channel. You’re totally NOT a disappointment to me and your father!

Greyday's Mom

Greyday’s Flordia apartment is my warm-weather vacation destination of choice – it’s FREE! So, watch their channel to fund MY leisure.

Dan B.
Chops Trees

I don’t know why are you doing this, and more importantly, WHY are you TELLING ME about it… while you’re here look, at this… oh, I figured it out; never mind.

Skeptical Roommate